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Eco green schools

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ZS Druzstevna pri Hornade, Slovakia

Celff – Colégio Guadalupe, Portugal


Fri 23/4/2021

Think environmentally

Only when the last river has been polluted, and the last tree been cut down, and the last fish been caught, will we realise we cannot eat money. 

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This international cooperation is supported by EU funding via Erasmus + projects and in cooperation with SAAIC - National agency for education, Slovakia.


  • In May 2018, it was our last meeting in Slovakia. We finished the last activities such as Spring Celebration, and we started to fill in the final report of the project. We put materials together to work out the pedagogical material. We also visited our partner´s institution which is aimed for environmental activities - Sosna.

  • Spring Celebration activity took place in each school. Students were presenting various environmental activities. This event was organized also for parents and other people who care about our environment and want to keep it clean. Many activites were shown by students like serving healthy herbal teas and helathy light meals, doing chemical analysis of water, painting nature, crafting various objects by using natural things and so on. See photoalbum.

  • Meeting in Portugal

    In October 2017 we visited our partner school in Portugal. Name of the this transnational meeting was "Community and the environment". At this meeting, we worked out in detail all the activities we planned for the final period of partnership. We have prepared the groundwork for the final event "Spring Celebration" and we also started with the preparation of an intellectual output focused on environmental issues. We visited a local school in Lisboa where the pupils presented their environmental activities.

  • Superhero in action

    The teachers prepared panel discussion about bad influences on the local environment. The students were observing the surrounding and wrote down the most negative factors influencing their environment. The final result was confronting environmental issues with local authorities to point out the problems having regional character. The students had the feeling that they are powerful and responsible at the same time as our Superhero. Important thing about this activity was to give power to students to talk about environmental issues with representatives. We need to change and improve our environment as our lives.

  • Fish in the water

    The students made research which are the most typical and common fish in nearby surrounding of their own school and home. They learnt more about these fish from encyclopedia and finally they drew them during Art. The most beautiful paintings and drawings were exchanged with partner schools. After this there was an exhibition at each school presenting the fish which live in our seas, rivers, brooks and lakes.

  • Meeting in Estonia

    In April 2017 all partners have met in Estonia for the fourth international meeting. We visited local rural school in Orava. The students were great, they showed us various environmental activities which were done at school. They presented us different works and projects aimed in ecology and protecting the environment. We were shown Orava´s beautiful nature as well as clay workshop too.

  • "Happy Eater" activity

    Each school chose healthy easy preparing food or light meal with students at school. It should be as healthy as possible and tasty too. Then we translated the instructions of preparing the meals into English as well as used ingredients with step by step explanation. The final product was recipe book showing the meals from each participating country. Enjoy your meal!

  • Battery collecting - January 2017

    This activity was very challenging for us, as we all tried to gather as many batteries as possible. Firstly we introduced to all students what are positive and negative aspects of using batteries. Then we collected them, pupils were creating some posters about batteries to get more deep into this problematic. In the end, we took all dead batteries into recycling centres in order to keep our Earth clean and safe.

  • Skype communication

    In order to get students more involved into the project we created skype communication among our pupils. It is very motivating and challenging for them. We speak over various environmental topic as well as personal questions from everyday students´ lives, so we all learn new things and have fun too.

  • Meeting in Spain

    Third transnational meeting took place in Montgat (Escola Salvador Espriu), near the historic city of Barcelona. The meeting allowed us to see local students on various lessons and how they do environmental activities. The school is so beautiful and students awesome. We met local mayor who is also environmentally thinking in her work. It was unforgettable experience to visit this school, its teachers and students. During the meeting we agreed over the next activities planned for following this school year.

  • Paper pyramid - October 2016

    This activity was structured in three levels. First, we explained students the importance of paper in real life. Secondly, we gathered and collected paper. Thirdly, made calculations, percentage, and other maths operation – it was like playing with numbers. Some schools organized excursions into recycling centres. Save the trees!

  • Etwinning portal

    Recently we have opened etwinning portal for our students to share their ideas, questions and comments about the project activities, schools and the life itself. We see it as very helpful and useful for mutual conversation and bridging the gap among our students. We want to continue with these activities even after the project will be finished.

  • Olympic games - June 2016

    We organized a special day for all our students to do sport and take exercise in order to be fit and feel healthy. The importance of this day was not to win but ACTIVELY take part in various sport activities. The students created their own posters about healthy way of life. Let´s do sport! See photos in photo album.

  • Meeting in  Italy

    Our second meeting was held in Italy, in a beautiful old town – Ortona. We could see amazing students participating on environmental activities at school. We were visiting different classes and see various students who were so eager to participate in this Erasmus project. Many Italian teachers were so enthusiastic about our mutual cooperation so we consider this meeting as very successful and motivating. In the end of the meeting we evaluated the project tasks within the first year of our partnership. Ciao :)

  • Land art - March 2016

    Land art activity was designed for students to work on artistic instalation of things found in nature such as pebbles, berries, stones, cones, branches, leaves, shells, and many more which are naturally scattered in our surounding. These artistic formation and mosaic have different shapes and students tried to organize them into various objects.

  • Rainbow activity - December 2015 - Image 1 During this activity students together with teachers designed dustbins for waste separation in rainbow colours. They could use whatever material and install them into the classrooms and corridors. The main purpose of this activity was to make students aware of importance of making waste separation. Important thing is also to deminish and reduce the waste itself. The photos are attached in photoalbum "Rainbow activity".

  • Newspapers - Image 1   Our partnership and its activities as well as meeting in Slovakia were also published in local newspapers in Spain and in Italy. See photoalbum section. smiley

  • Logo competition

    All schools did a competition about the logo contest. The winner was Italian logo. Students have created many beautiful logos, the main characteristic and features were given like friendship, flags, ecology, nature, colours and our title - Spring Celebration. God job everybody and congratulation goes to Italy students.

  • First meeting

    All partners have met in Slovakia for the first time. We discussed all important questions and we got informed about our own schools, countries, students and teachers. We agreed on our tasks and activities so we can successfully start our mutual cooperation. Photos from the meeting you can see in Photoalbum section. 

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  • Birth of this web page

    Web page of our project "Spring Celebration" is finally on the internet. You will find here a lot of functionality and interesting information.



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